Community con pupetti

The social side of money

Tinaba allows you to create Groups for shared expenses, start your own project and support those of your friends, make or receive payments instantly, and create a smart and transparent money-sharing system.

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Manage savings and investments

Invest and control your savings easily and safely. Open a Piggy Bank, set a goal and set aside over time, or invest in your future with Roboadvisor starting at €2,000.

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Crypto con moneta

Purchase, sale and custody of cryptocurrencies

Buy, sell and watch cryptocurrencies in real time from €25 by relying on an easy, complete and above all secure service, thanks to the partnership with CheckSig, the Italian leader in Bitcoin and crypto solutions: the only keeper in the world to provide a “Proof-of-Reserves”.

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Power con pila

Boost your account with Power

With Power the more you use the App the more you save. Get a 20€ credit for commissions and save on the transactions you make. Thanks to the counter in the App you can see how much you are saving!

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Carta con loghi

Use Tinaba all around the world

Sign up and get a prepaid card that operates on the Mastercard circuit to pay anywhere, online and in store, with absolute security. Connect it to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Swatch Pay, Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay and pay smartly with all your devices!

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The ideal mortgage? Banca Profilo helps you!

Find the ideal mortgage for you! Thanks to the advice provided by Banca Profilo, you can select the best solution among the offers of BNL, Avvera – Credem Group and Intesa San Paolo.

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Keep updated on the financial world

Guides, videos, articles, insights. With Tinaba you have all the tools to learn, know and stay informed about markets and the future of investing.

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What they say about us

App and assistance

Very well done App. I needed assistance and I must say “very well!”. Whatsapp assistance simply perfect…

iOS user 25/01/2023

Completely satisfied

Easy and fast to activate. Top level assistance, I suggest it for sure!!

Android user 28/02/2023

Highly suggested

Serious and relatable card and bank. I highly suggest it, I tried many but Tinaba is the best

Trustpilot user 09/01/2023