Apple Pay

Unlock your screen and bring your smartphone close to the contactless POS and, upon the visualization of the card, confirm the payment with Touch or Face ID.


Google Pay

Wherever you are, in every store with contactless POS, online, and for all smartphones with an Android’s operative system.


Samsung Pay

It allows you to make payments with your Samsung smartphone. Open Samsung Pay, register your card, follow the instructions and enable in store payments using contactless POS.


Garmin Pay

Garmin Pay is the service available on compatible Garmin smartwatches, that allows in-store payments on every contactless POS.


FitBit Pay

From now on, you can match your Nexi card with the new Fitbit Pay service, available on Fitbit compatible smartwatches, enabling in-store payments on every contactless POS.



Activate your SwatchPay! Either directly in stores or, if you have an Android equipped with NFC, directly from the App. Connect then your card and you will be ready to pay anywhere contactless.