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Unique, not exclusive

What does it mean?

The goal of Tinaba is to enable anyone to conveniently manage everything related to money through a single App, thanks to the most modern technologies.

Our ecosystem is open, transparent, continuously evolving and interconnected.

Being born in integration with a bank, Tinaba is able to enrich traditional banks with technology and value-added services, participating in a new era of financial management where institutional players can provide customers with security, stability, as well as innovation, flexibility and renewed opportunities.

Tinaba is:



An ecosystem including Wealth & Investment, Payments, Crowdfunding and Retail Banking.



Enables real-time sharend and collaborative money management among users.



Synergistic online and offline experiences. User-centric, not payment method-centric.

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Every 100 seconds someone chooses Tinaba!

Hundreds of new users discover and choose Tinaba every day.

A cohesive and enthusiastic community, that grows richer by the day.

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It’s not just us saying it!

Best account/card available

Nothing to say, I confirm the quality of this App. Truly satisfied.

iOS user 12/05/2023

Great App

It keeps you updated and safe, great.

Android user 11/04/2023

Fast and practical

Wonderful App for money management, practical and complete. Great for travelling too

Android user 14/11/2023

A close-knit team

In Tinaba, we believe in the motto “few, but good”. We are a team of motivated, determined women and men who are open to new challenges, with the goal of driving change.