Banca Profilo, solidity and security for your money

Banca Profilo

Together with Tinaba for your financial future

Banca Profilo is an independent bank listed on the stock exchange and specialized in the assets management. It is the bank where clients can find the answers to all their security and growth needs, excellent professional skills and personalized solutions.

With capital solidity at the highest European levels, Banca Profilo is included among the 20 safest banks of 2020 by Altroconsumo and it is positioned among the top five Italian companies in the categories “Best asset managers”, “Best portfolios” and “Best customer orientation” according to the 2020 ranking of German Institute of Quality and Finance (ITQF).

Banca Profilo’s services offer concrete solutions for the assets management of private and entrepreneurs: global advices aimed at planning investments and establishing the best strategy to achieve the set objectives.

Listening, transparency and independence are the three pillars on which the relationship between the bank employees and customers is based. This is why Banca Profilo has decided to believe in Tinaba and its idea of money: simpler, more convenient, secure and accessible for all.

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