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Create your Charity initiative with Tinaba

Starting a Charity initiative for your organization or company is simple and fast. Define the Charity collection details and create your page in a responsive manner; it’s optimized for desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

You’ll receive donations from all payment methods: App, card or bank transfer. There are no commissions or management costs: every donated euro reaches its own destination.



The initiative can be spread on Social Media and messaging channels.



Share results, photos, and real-time updates with contributors.



Invite to contribute using all payment methods.


Open your Solidarity Shop

You can offer not only donations for specific initiatives but also linked products that embody your mission.
Create a list of the products that will be available for purchase in your store and donate the sales to your charitable mission.

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Support the Il Fatto Quotidiano Foundation

Purchase a gadget to support the Il Fatto Quotidiano Foundation.

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Are you an organization or company and want to collect donations for one of your projects? To get more information leave your details here. We will contact you as soon as possible!

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