Sharing Money: beyond Sharing Economy

Have you ever heard of the Sharing Economy or Collaborative Economy? Today, we share means of transportation, accommodations, workspaces, documents… even clothes!

The technology of the Tinaba App allows an evolution of this model, enabling not only real-time transfer but also collaborative sharing of money with whom you want, in safety and transparency: in other words, Sharing Money.

gruppo con pupetti

Obtain peace at home, in the office, with your friends!

Bills, Wi-Fi, Netflix… if shared expenses are a daily occurrence, open a Tinaba Group, invite participants, and share money in a Wallet that you can use for expenses together with absolute security and transparency.

raccolte flash

Split and pay in a flash!

Give up a thousand separate accounts: create a Flash Collection to split a bill and pay instantly. See immediately how much to contribute per person, invite contributions via QR Code, link, or from the Contacts, and once the amount is reached, settle in one transaction.

raccolta fondi con pupetti

Collecting money doesn’t mean paying for everyone in advance!

Whether it’s for a project or simply for a gift to a colleague going on maternity leave, collecting contributions can be a tough task. With the Raccolta Fondi, you can do it in a few moments directly from your App. Create the collection and share the link created instantly: anyone can contribute their share with Tinaba or any payment card.​

gift card con pupetta

Express your feelings digitally!

Create a Gift Card in Euro or Crypto of the value you prefer, customize it with a cute cover and a message, then choose the expiration date. The recipient can only open it on the day you specified!