Who is Tinaba Community for?

Tinaba offers strategic and technological support to organizations, companies, newspapers, soccer teams and celebrities in developing Community Marketing initiatives to monetize the relationship with their communities, create synergies to increase their user base, get to know them better and offer value-added services and tools.

What can we do for you?

A complete ecosystem of standard and customized services built specifically for each community. Discover them all:

Branded Account and Card

Customize your card and App for a unique experience.

Branded Account and Card

Choose a theme and make your own personalized card. You can also include visual elements within the App to reinforce your community sense of belonging.

In-App Visibility

Integration and access to your properties directly from the App.

In-App Visibility

Increase the volume and frequency of traffic to your properties by including links and referrals within the App.

Exclusive products and content

Dedicate promotions and preview content to the community or create a store in App.

Exclusive products and content

Reward your community. Dedicate reserved promotions to users, make content, articles, releases available for preview. If you want, you can even create an in-app store with your products.

Charity projects

You can create one or more projects to share among community users.

Charity projects

Invite your community to join the causes and projects they care about by making and sharing one or more fundraisers.

Operazione con pupetto

Tinaba: everything you need, in one App

With Tinaba and Banca Profilo you have a zero-fee bank account, a prepaid card and no hidden fees, even if you are a minor. Discover a world of services and features for sharing money: send and receive in real time, create groups, start collections, share projects. Invest with Roboadvisor, buy and sell cryptocurrencies with total freedom, security and transparency. Access promotions, reserved cashback, discounts and more!

Discover Tinaba's world!

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If you still have any questions or if you are a company and would like to activate a Community project with Tinaba, please enter your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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