Cookie policy

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are short text files that are downloaded to the User’s device when visiting a website. At each subsequent visit cookies are sent to the website that originated them (first party cookie) or another site that recognizes them (third-party cookies). Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize the User’s device. They have different purposes such as, for example, allowing you to browse efficiently between pages, remember favorite sites and, in general, improve your browsing experience. Also help to ensure that the advertising content displayed online is more targeted at the user and his interests. Depending on the function and purpose of use, cookies can be divided into technical cookies, profiling cookies, third-party cookies. Essential cookies cannot be disabled using the functions of this website. In general, cookies can be deactivated completely in your browser at any time.

Technical Cookies

Technical cookies are those which use does not require the consent of the User.

Among these technical cookies, we point out the essential cookies, also called “strictly necessary”, that enable functions, without which it would not be possible to fully use the Site. These cookies are used exclusively by Tinaba and are therefore first-party cookies. They are saved on the user’s computer only during the current browser session. Essential cookies cannot be disabled using the functions of the Site.

Some of those used to statistically analyze accesses or visits to the site, also known as “analytics”, could also be assimilated to technical cookies (although they do not fall into this category), which pursue exclusively statistical purposes, (but not also marketing or profiling) and collect information in aggregate form, in cases where there is no possibility of tracing the identification of the individual user (and therefore if they comply with the conditions established by the Privacy Guarantor in this regard). These cookies, should they be installed, could be disabled and/or deleted through the browser settings.

Technical cookies, on the other hand, also include functional cookies that allow the website to store information that affects its behavior or appearance, such as your preferred language or location. In particular, Tinaba uses that to determine the visitor’s preferred language and to set the site’s language based on that preference, if possible.

Non-technical cookies

This category includes two types, described below, which can be activated only after the user has given consent.

Statistical or analytical cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with the sites by collecting and transmitting information mainly in aggregate form, but of which we cannot guarantee that it is completely anonymous and never traceable to a personal identifier (except for any cases set out above in which such cookies in accordance with the recalled legislation, subject to appropriate highlighting, may be assimilated to technical cookies).

Profiling cookies (used primarily, if not exclusively for marketing purposes) are used to track visitors to websites and related browsing. The purpose is to present advertisements that are relevant and engaging to the individual user and thus of greater value to publishers and third-party advertisers.

Unclassified cookies

Unclassified cookies are those cookies that are in the process of being classified, along with the affiliation/source of such cookies. After such classification, this policy will be updated (resulting in the publication of the update).

First Party Cookies

First-party cookies (“first-part cookies”) i.e., cookies generated, set and managed directly by the entity operating and/or owning the website on which the user is browsing (and thus Tinaba and Profile Bank).

Third Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies set and managed by a third party other than the Owner or Co-Owners of the website other than the one you are currently visiting. Therefore, in the course of browsing Tinaba’s website, the User may, in fact, also receive on his/her terminal equipment cookies generated and set by different sites or web servers (so-called “third-party” cookies): this happens because on the website there may be elements such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, and other elements that reside on and/or come from servers other than the one on which the requested page is located. In other words, said cookies are set and managed by website operators or servers other than this site. These third parties could theoretically install their own cookies while you are visiting this Site and thus obtain information about your browsing. You will find more information about the use of cookies by accessing the link provided next to each individual cookie. If you choose not to grant permission or prior consent for the use of non-technical third-party cookies, only those features of the Site, which do not require or need such cookies, may be used.

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