Tinaba Pay and Check: for online sales that require stock control in stock

“Tinaba Pay and Check” is the solution to receive digital payments on your ecommerce, useful for merchants who need a warehouse confirmation, before authorizing payment by a customer. In this case, Tinaba will send you a confirmation request before authorizing a purchase by the customer. With this solution you can also change, if necessary, the transaction amount (for a lower value than the pre-authorised amount).



The customer selects the item to buy



Frame the QR Code with the Tinaba App



Payment confirmation appears on the screen

How payment is made

If your customer browses from a smartphone, he can end the payment directly in the Tinaba App, by “tapping” on the widget you have added to your site.

If your client navigates from desktop instead, he can pay by clicking on the widget and framing through the App the QR Code that will appear automatically on the web page.

Want to activate the option “one-click”?

The proposed solution obliges customers to register first on your site. If you want to give them the possibility to purchase without registering first you can enable the option “one-click” following the instructions below.

Developer Wizard Creation

To activate payment with Tinaba Pay and Check follow these steps:

Create a payment pending on Tinaba and enable one-click mode (optional) >

API of the backoffice

Have you completed the integration into the test environment and want to enable the service?

Send the request to activate the e-commerce service through our contact methods. We remind you that to do so you must already be registered as an operator at the Tinaba platform.