Features/What are the Debtor’s rights?

The debtor customer has the right to object to the direct debit transaction by the day before the settlement date. After that date, limited to the so-called “Core” direct debit (i.e., the SEPA direct debit service that can be used indiscriminately against the debtor customer – both consumer and non-consumer), the debtor – within the period of 8 weeks after execution – may request the refund of a payment transaction referring to a validly signed mandate, if both of the following conditions are met:

at the time the warrant was issued, the authorization did not specify the amount of the payment transaction;

the amount of the transaction exceeds that which the payer could reasonably have expected regarding his usual spending behavior, the terms of his master agreement, and the circumstances of the case. A different agreement between the parties is possible. The right of refund is excluded for the “business to business – B2B” model (SEPA direct debit service reserved for non-consumers) for authorized transactions.

In any case, the debtor customer may request a refund of the debit transaction if it was made in the absence of a valid mandate (i.e., not authorized by the customer) within the period of 13 months from the date of execution of the transaction