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Sharing money: beyond sharing economy

Have you ever heard of Sharing Economy? For years we have been surrounded by this economic model that seed sharing and digitalization as the means to democratize access to quality and widespread services. Today we share transportation, accomodations, workspaces, documents.. even clothes!

The technology of the Tinaba App represents an evolution of this model, enabling not only real-time transfers, but also secure and transparent collaborative sharing of money: in other words, Sharing Money.

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The values we share

In Tinaba, we strongly believe in our project and work with passino and determination to achieve it. ​



A simple and intuitive App, accessible to everyone, with no exclusions



Autonomy and trust through clear interfaces and communications



We cannot offer you the best of services if we do not know your needs

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Our mission: financial education

We believe in encouraging each of our users to be indipendent in managing their savings thorugh. How? Through a Financial Education project, we have been promoting for years! Discover:

  • Investiamo project: Blog and Youtube channel with more than 2 Milion views and over 45.000 followers: guides, news and videos on investments, savings, market and DeFi
  • Weekly updated In App News and video-analysis, articles e monthly reports
  • Collaborations and gaming, to convey financial topics with an understandable and engaging language


Safety first

  • Every transaction undergoes verifications and you can find a summary of all movements in App
  • The account is backed by the guarantee of Banca Profilo, one of the italian companies with the highest CET1 ratio
  • Guarantee up  to 100.000€ from the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund
  • All operations must be confirmed with code or face ID
  • For online card payments it is possible to activate Nexi’s​ 3d secure code
  • Investments with Roboadvisor are monitored by Banca Profilo, which determines Asset Allocation 
  • For the purchase, custod and sale of cryptocurrencies, we provide thanks to CheckSig custody protocols, insurance coverage and Proof-of-Reserve

These are just some of the many practices we implement to ensure you maximum security.

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Tinaba to achieve important goals

The best use of money is in support of the causes we believe in. With Tinaba, collecting donations for an initiative is easy and free. There is no fee and every contribution goes directly to the cause.

Find out active charities live and start your own