What you can do with Tinaba Premium

With Tinaba Premium you have access to all the functionalities of Tinaba standard account with additional benefits

Daily discounts

Discover a world of discounts for your daily shopping to increase your saving every day!

Daily discounts

Discover a world of discounts for your daily shopping: foods, fuel and many other categories to increase your saving every day!

Extra bonus and cashbacks

Invite your friends to join Tinaba and get 10€ of extra bonus or use PagoPa or pay a filled-in bill to get a cashback.

Extra bonus and cashbacks

Increase cashbacks and promotions with Tinaba Premium!

Invite a friend to join Tinaba with your personal code. After the activation of the new account and the first top up, you’ll receive a 10€ extra bonus. Use PagoPa or pay a filled-in bill: the first five payments of the year are free.

Free withdrawals

Use your card for all your payments and, if you need cash, you can withdraw from any ATM machine in EU, it’s free!

Free withdrawals

You can use your card for online and in shop payments. If you need cash, you can withdraw from any ATM machine in EU for free and at a cost of 4€ outside UE.

Unlimited Crowdfunding

Your crowdfunding project is limitless and you can collect donations via Tinaba and cards

Unlimited Crowdfunding

If you want to reach a goal or support a cause that is close to you, you can open your crowdfunding project with a web page to share wherever you want. Donations can be collected not only via Tinaba but also via prepaid, credit or debit card.


Even more discounts with Tinaba Premium!

With Tinaba Premium you also have access to an absolutely exclusive store that offers you promotions and benefits on some of the most popular brands. Some examples? Apple, Helbiz, L’ Autre Chose, Carrefour, Booking.com, eDreams, Acquario di Genova, Acquafan, C-Way, Zalando, Obi, Throwback, Notorious Cinemas, C&A and much more to come…


Tinaba Premium and Hit Account: a winning combination

Choose Tinaba Premium and if your child follows one of the Instagram or Tik Tok stars selected by Tinaba, he/she can get a 50% discount on the membership of his/her favourite influencer. Want information? click here

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Scared of costs? Save more than you spend!

With your Premium membership you have an account that let you save much more than the activation cost! Discover all the advantages you get on your daily expenses with our simulator.

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  • RegistrationFree
  • Stamp DutyFree
  • Reload accountFree
  • Money TransferFree
  • Wire TransferFree

  • CardFree
  • Reload cardFree
  • Card shippingFree

  • Annual Membership85€ per year
  • Extra bonus10€ on top of standard “Invita un amico”
  • Extra cashbackfree the first 5 payments of the year for PagoPa and filled-in bills
  • Crowdfunding Unlimitedincluded
  • Free ATM withdrawals in UEincluded
  • Express card shippingincluded
  • Exclusive discountsincluded