What can you do with Tinaba?

With Tinaba, manage your personal finances easily and safely. From instant top-ups to physical and online payments, from instant transfers to utility balances and creation of groups for sharing expenses. What do you need?

Bank account and Mastercard card

Bank account with Italian IBAN with no activation fees or stamp duty and a prepaid card that operates on mastercard circuit.

Free bank account and card

With Tinaba you have a current account with an Italian IBAN, no stamp duty and a prepaid card that operates on the Mastercard circuit, recognized worldwide. Recharge your account as you prefer: by bank transfer, credit, debit and prepaid card or by receiving money from your contacts. Pay with your card or smartphone wherever you want, both online and in-store. Link it to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Swatch Pay, Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay and discover participating merchants in the Stores section to pay directly from the App.

Stamp Duty, Bulletins, MAV, RAV, PagoPA

Pay in App or activate direct debit for your utilities. If you want to save money, try Switcho.

Stamp Duty, Bulletins, MAV, RAV, PagoPA

Pay stamps, utility bills, MAV, RAV and PagoPA directly from the App and forget about queues at the counters! With Tinaba Premium, fees on the first 5 transactions are free. Alternatively, you can activate a direct debit for your utilities. Want to save on your expenses? Discover Switcho in the Operations in App section and get a free personalized analysis to find out if you can save on lots of utilities such as electricity, gas, internet, telephony and more.

Salary credit

Credit your salary to your Tinaba account!

Salary credit

Automatically credit your salary each month to your Tinaba account. A practical and fast way to never find yourself out of pocket!

Cryptocurrency trading

Buy, sell and watch cryptocurrencies safely directly from the App.

Cryptocurrency trading

In the Crypto section, in App, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with absolute transparency, simplicity and security. Take advantage of commissions starting from €0.99 and constantly updated charts, news and articles. Thanks to the partnership with Checksig, Tinaba ensures you verification protocols and insurance coverage to trade smoothly.

Savings management

Create your own Piggy Banks, open a Deposit Account start investing with a digital Roboadvisory service.

Savings management

Invest and control your savings easily and safely. Open a Piggy Bank, set a goal and save money over time, or invest in your future by activating Roboadvisor starting from €2,000. Choose the Profile that suits you best, invest gradually with the accumulation plan and freeze your risks whenever you want. You can also open a Deposit account for free, choose between 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and mature interests on your savings Rely on the security, expertise and reliability of Banca Profilo.

Instant transfers

Receive and send money in real time and without commission from all your contacts.

Instant transfers

Receive and send money instantly to all your contacts. Use the quick menu in the upper right-hand corner of your Home in App to make it even faster!

Joint money

Create a Tinaba Group to share or activate a Raccolta Flash to immediately split a bill.

Joint money

With Tinaba, the logic and methods of social sharing reach the world of money. Discover a world of features that meets all your needs! To immediately share a bill, choose Raccolte Flash, start it and invite participants to contribute. If, on the other hand, you have longer-term expenses to share with friends, roommates, or relatives, choose a Tinaba Group. Keep track of contributions, expenses, and keep everyone updated through the chat.

Donate and fundraise

Start a fundraiser for your projects and share it to receive contributions or donate to causes you care about.

Donate and fundraise

If you want to collect contributions for a personal project or a common goal use Tinaba Fundraisers. Share the link on social networks or Whatsapp to receive money via Tinaba, Paypal or payment card. Alternatively, support the Charity fundraising that you can find in the Donations section of the App.

Power con pila

Boost your account with Power

With Power the more you use the App the more you save. Get a €20 credit to cover the cost of commissions and save with every transaction you make!

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Carta con loghi

Use Tinaba all around the world

Sign up and  get a prepaid card that operates on the Mastercard circuit. Reload it in a tap and use it anywhere you want, with no fees. You can also link it to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Swatch Pay or Garmin Pay, simple and smart!

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Beyond savings management: invest in your future!

Discover Roboadvisor and access an investment service, directly from the App, in partnership with Banca Profilo to manage your savings with total freedom by relying on safety, expertise and reliability.

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New life to your money, discover Crypto

With Tinaba you go far beyond the traditional management of your savings! Discover the Crypto service to buy and sell cryptocurrencies safely and conveniently from the App, also thanks to the partnership with CheckSig and “Proof-of-Reserves.”

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Save on your spending with Tinaba and Switcho

From your App find out if you can save on any utility rates such as electricity, gas, internet, phone, insurance and more! Just upload your last bill to receive a free personalized analysis.

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Choose the offer that suits you!

Are you a minor? Do you want a plan with no limits and benefits? Or maybe you want to save on commissions!  Discover Tinaba’s plans and choose the one that’s right for you.

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How much does Tinaba cost for Privates?

With Tinaba Start you get a free bank account with a Mastercard: no monthly fees or stamp duty. Jump on board and get ready to discover a new way of living and managing your money!

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  • RegistrationFree
  • Monthly feeFree
  • Stamp dutyFree
  • Reload accountFree (by external card free of charge for amounts over €150)
  • Money TransferFree
  • Wire transfer4 free per month, then €0.49

  • Virtual cardFree
  • Physical card7.99€
  • Reload card2 free per month, then 0.99€
  • Card shipping to your addressFree
  • ATM withdrawal in UEFree up to 12 withdrawals per year / 2€ for the next ones
  • ATM withdrawal outside UE4€

  • Single wire transfer5.000 €
  • Daily wire transfers10.000 € daily