Alipay and Asian tourism

3 MLN Chinese tourists in Italy every year 99% of tourists using Alipay 90% spend more if you use mobile payment 1.2 MLD Alipay users in Asia 300,000 Chinese Alipay users resident in Italy


Over 1.2 billion users for you

With Tinaba you accept payments from over 3 million Chinese tourists and 300 thousand Chinese residents in Italy, but that’s not all. Alipay boasts more than 1.2 billion users in Asia: be ready.


Tailor-made marketing strategies

Let customers find you through geolocation, create personalized promotions and show them in the customer’s Alipay app, already translated into their language: with Tinaba everything is easier.


Simple, fast and secure use

All it takes is one device and the app to accept fast and secure payments via smartphone: the system can be used by Tinaba and Alipay users and also integrates with POS and cash systems you already use.

It’s easier to grow together

Tinaba makes your life easier and saves you time and money: you eliminate any fees on revenue from Tinaba users, and with Alipay you receive quick and easy payments from all over the world via smartphone.

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