Tinaba and Alipay+?

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We are the first in Europe!

There are three European fintech companies authorized to integrate Alipay+ and Tinaba is not only the only Italian one, but also the first among all to achieve it! With Tinaba, you can already make instant online and offline payments worldwide directly from your App, in euros and in Italian.

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Borderless payments

With Tinaba, forget about cash, currency exchange, and worries! Pay around the world from the App in just a few moments at over 88 million stores displaying the Alipay+ logo.

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Do you have a business? Receive payments from 1.5 billion Asian customers

Do you have a business and want to tap into the global market? Increase your visibility, be discovered by Asian customers through geolocation, enable QR code payments and eliminate currency exchange. Explore all the opportunities for your business.

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Tinaba, the App for your travels

Cross-border payments are a daily occurrence with Tinaba. That’s why we have partnered with SiVola, a renowned Tour Operator that organizes trips all around the world.

As a Tinaba user, you can enjoy a €100 discount when booking your next trip with SiVola. What are you waiting for? Sign up and book now!

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