How Tinaba for minors can work for you?

With Tinaba Under 18, even those who are under 18 can have a free account and many other features.

Minors account

With Tinaba and Banca Profilo, kids from 12 years old can have a free bank account too: no commissions or hidden costs

Open the minor account

With Tinaba and Banca Profilo, kids from 12 years old can have a free bank account too: no commissions or hidden costs. Topping up the account is simple and you can choose your preferred method for each top-up: by bank transfer, credit card, debit and prepaid card.


Just click on ‘Top up your account’ and choose your preferred top-up method – you’ll be done in no time!

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Prepaid card

Get a prepaid card  that can be instantly topped up from your account or shared Groups, use it anywhere with no fees.

Receive your prepaid card

Tinaba Mastercard is the only prepaid card that can be topped up instantly from your Tinaba account or from one of your Groups. Receive it directly at home and use it to shop anywhere, online and in stores, always without fees. The card for minors is subject to the thresholds set up by the guardian directly in App.


With the app you can top up your card in real time, with no fees, where and when you want. Track every payment via app, wherever you are, and shop safely, even online. You can associate your card with Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Swatch Pay and Garmin Pay to pay conveniently with all your devices: goodbye wallets.

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Shared expenses

You can create free Groups to share easily costs with family, friends and anyone else.

Create Tinaba Groups to share expenses

With Tinaba, you can split the bill with your family and friends with just one tap. With the Tinaba Groups function you can share costs for any occasion: trips, gifts and everyday expenses. Whether you want to use it every day or just for a one-off event, you can set the duration and use it safely and transparently.


Access the “Community” area, add a group (set a time limit if necessary) and invite participants in just a few taps.

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Parental control

The account can only be opened with the permission of an adult parent or guardian who can also keep an eye on all transactions via the parental control.

Enable the parental control

The guardian can be notified whenever the minor movements exceed the maximum daily or monthly threshold that has been set.


Set up a maximum daily or monthly usage limit and turn on the notifications.

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Simplicity and security: how to open an under 18 account

Everything is totally safe. To open the account you need the permission of an adult parent or guardian. If the guardian already has a Tinaba account, the request is sent directly via app. Otherwhise the guardian will receive a text message with a link for his own registration. After the activation of his account,he will be able to authorize the operation.

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Simplicity with no risks for day-to-day expenses

Discover all the benefits of the minor account: the ideal solution to credit the pocket money or the first salary and manage independently day-to-day expenses.



With minors account receive or send money in real time

Nothing unexpected

Nothing unexpected

The card has a maximum threshold that can be set up by the guardian



The guardian can be notified if the minor overcomes the limits that he has set up

  • RegistrationFree
  • Monthly FeeFree
  • Stamp dutyFree
  • Reload accountFree
  • Money transferFree
  • Wire transferFree

  • Reload cardFree
  • Card shipping to your addressFree
  • ATM withdrawal in UEFree up to 24 withdrawals per year / 2€ for the next ones
  • ATM withdrawal outside UE4€

  • Single wire transfer1.500 €
  • Daily wire transfer1.500 € daily