Tell your story

Tell your story

In a Landing Page and a shop page that is accessibile to everyone.

Give an experience

Give an experience

Customize the purchase phase with a message and choose the destination.

Create a memory

Create a memory

Once the purchase is completed, the donor receives a thank-you email containing a certificate.


A Gifts that brings joy to those in needs

Our shop is open to all, both individuals and companies. The initiative is transparent and inclusive: every gift delivered includes a personalized dedication message, and the delivery process is documented through photos and videos.

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How to partecipate?

  • As an association, you can contribute by sharing your project and using your network of volunteers to coordinate the distribution of purchased products directly to those in need.
  • As a producer or dealer, you have the opportunity to sponsor the initiative by offering a selection of products at fixed prices, ensuring maximum impact.
  • If you’re an individual or a company, you can make a purchase, personalize it with a message, and spread the word by sharing the initiative with your network.

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WISHOPe Christmas 2023

The first e-shop where you can donate a real gift directly to those in need and bring them joy.

  • 46,825€ raised 
  • 1,429 supporters
  • 1,873 people we have helped

Initiative ended on 09/01/2024

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